Warning!! The return of the body snatchers has begun!  Aliens from a newly discovered hidden planet just outside the orbit of Pluto, a planet named Pedometer Prime, have snatched both Mary Ann and me and replaced us each with one of their own, beginning the invasion.

Actually, the invasion has already begun. You can see them everywhere.  They are walking the sidewalks with a telltale look of superiority on their faces that seems to say, “I am walking and you are not!”  They threaten to take over by the sheer weight of their numbers as they outlive the rest of us.

My only hope is that a rainy day will come, breaking the power of the alien with which I am possessed.  However, I have heard that some of the aliens just move indoors to malls and gyms when it rains.  Frightening!!!

Actually, I am virtually immune to a long term stay of my resident alien, since the power of my laziness and lack of discipline is likely to drive him out soon, probably within hours.

Yes, it is true.  Yesterday when we were returning from the library and the requisite trip to G’s for Turtle Sundaes, I asked Mary Ann if she would be okay sitting in the car at Cedarcrest (a park that surrounds and includes the Governor’s Mansion) while I walked for bit.  There are many paths including one that is fairly level, in an open area including some picturesque ponds, a path about a mile in length.

The day was spectacular.  It was cool and crisp and clear.  The sky was the crystal blue of the approaching winter.  There was much pleasure just soaking in the beauty of the fall colors and the scents of Autumn.  I suspect there may have been a trickle of endorphens assisting since that comparatively short walk got this little exercise averse body pumping blood to every extremity including my brain.

If that is not enough — and this is what assured me of the alien presence — I got up this morning, earlier than usual, put the Lifeline around Mary Ann’s neck so that it would be within reach as she remained in bed, layered a shirt and jacket for the thirty degree morning and walked a little over a mile in the neighborhood.  I hope this is not a sign of some cataclysmic event bringing all life as we know it to an end.  Let’s hope not.

And now, here I sit at the computer writing this post and it is still morning!!!  Having spent a week in another time zone, our body clocks shifted just enough to make it possible to get up and hour earlier without so much effort.  Another odd but pleasing quirk is that Mary Ann has been sleeping well at night.  Understand for us a good night’s sleep still includes a couple of trips during the night to the commode and a couple more very early in the morning.  Mary Ann slept well every night during our trip and has slept well the last two nights.  That could, of course, change tonight.  If it does, it does.  If the good nights continue, we will just enjoy them.

Added hours in the morning create both a challenge and an opportunity to get out of the house a little more.  I have inferred from Mary Ann’s sleeping so well on the trip that staying awake all day does help the nights go better.  That, of course, seems obvious, but in the past staying up all day has not necessarily correlated to sleeping well at night.

Well, we had better get out of the house before we return to our usual vegetative state.

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