After the litany of travel challenges in my last post, we have decided to add two days to this trip!  Are we crazy?  Maybe.  The challenges have continued. Tonight, as I was doing some pre-loading of the car to save time in the morning, I changed shirts to take the one I was wearing to the car.  The moment the door of the room closed behind me, I realized what I had done.  The keycards were still in the room since I had taken them out of the pocket of that shirt.

I was locked out!  Under normal circumstances, the solution would be simple.  Knock on the door and ask Mary Ann to open it and let me back in.  She was lying on the bed no more than five or six feet from the door.  I knocked on the door loudly, calling her.  Finally, I heard her voice.  She told me to wait a minute.  After a short time, I called out to her again.  That went on for a few minutes until finally she said, I can’t get out of bed.

I ended up downstairs at the desk.  The young man behind the counter had to give me a master keycard.  Mary Ann was on the bed on her back simply uable to coordinate getting up to turn the handle so that I could get in.

In the morning, Daughter Lisa will arrive with Granddaughter Ashlyn fairly early in the morning by our standards.  Lisa will give Mary Ann a shower, take her shopping and then to lunch.  I will take Ashlyn on her class trip to the pumpkin patch.  Those activities are the reason for adding one day to the trip.

Since we are only two hours away from my oldest Brother, Dick and his wife, Dee, we decided to travel there, get a motel and visit with them for the evening. That is the second day we are adding.  Neither Mary Ann nor Dee were up to traveling to the family gathering in Northern Illinois this summer.  This is a chance to make up for missing that time together.

The next two days will reveal whether or not it was wise to extend the trip.  So far we have dealt with the problems encountered as they have arisen.  My hope is that whatever is yet to come will be manageable.  We will take it one day at a time.  Gratefully, that is exactly the rate at which it comes, whatever it may be.

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