All of us in the family will be there, Lisa and her crew, Micah and his.  There will be friends and family gathered with us.  Anyone is welcome to come to the Krentz Chapel at Our Savior Lutheran, 420 Downer Place in Aurora, Illinois at 11am.  The Service will follow exactly what was done at the funeral.  Some of the solo’s will be played from a CD of that service.  I will lead the rest of the liturgical service.   At the place where the sermon came in the service, I will do a short reflection on the witness to the Lord implicit in Mary Ann’s life.

Parking will be behind the church, accessed from the street behind it that is parallel to Downer.  Since there are many stairs, some maywant to be dropped off in front on the Downer side.  There is construction in front, but cars can get through to drop off passengers. 

Those who have let us know (or let us know immediately) that they are coming will gather at Reuland’s at 115 Oak Avenue in Aurora for a meal.  The food will be served at 12pm.  We will provide time and a microphone to anyone who has a Mary Ann story to share. 

Since that church is where Mary Ann and I were both Baptized (as Infants) and Confirmed, as well as being married there, it is especially meaningful that the Memorial can be held there.  Come and help us celebrate her life here on earth and the life she now has with the Lord.