Many more nights like last night, and on Judgment Day, the Judge will just say to both Mary Ann and me, “Time Served” and send us right on through the pearly gates. (Don’t worry, I recognize that does not reflect Lutheran Theology.)

My point:  It was not a good night last night.  It continued as it began.  That description is in last night’s post. Mary Ann was actively hallucinating and mixing bizarre dreams with hallucinations until 5am.  Then she settled for two hours, and at 7am was up and at it again.  This mornign she announced that she hated the place she slept last night.

I think it was after I had gotten her breakfast and pills, at this point I am not sure exactly when it happened.  She insisted on getting shoes on.  I put on some moccasins, thinking her feet were just cold.  Then she wanted her coat on.  She often sits with her jacket on when the house is cool and she has just gotten up.  This sounded different.  I asked where she was going.  She said she (we) were going out to the car and to the movies.  I reminded her that she was still in her pajama’s and that Hospice Aide Sonya would be coming in an hour and a half.  I didn’t think to mention that the theaters were not open in the morning anyway.  She was not happy with me for frustrating her plans. Moments later, as I moved her into her spot in the living room, in a matter of fact way, she asked the little girl if she wanted to go with us to the movie.  I am guessing that the little girl was Granddaughter Ashlyn, since she often sees her and talks to her.

There is no way I can even begin to describe the various living dreams she had last night. For one thing, I don’t remember them.  Most of the time, they just don’t connect with anything that makes enough sense to me to hang on to the memory.  Secondly, there were too many of them, each unrelated to the last, as they came every few minutes.  Some times there would be a repeat, for example, one of the first things she said this morning was, did I know we were broken into last night?  (See last night’s post.)  At 4am she asked for a Nitro pill to deal with the pain that the two earlier Tums had not eliminated.  The Nitro pill relieved the pain.  I suspect it was still esophagus pain.  If I understand correctly, on occasion Nitro pills have been used to quiet reflux spasms.

Yes, I would term last night, a night from Hell.  It is hard to imagine how frightening it must be for Mary Ann to find herself in distressing circumstances for so many hours with no sense of what time it is or where she is.  It is, of course, terribly difficult to go through as a Caregiver, helpless to say or do anything to make a difference, or provide any comfort.  I remind her endlessly that she is safe in her own bed and there are no people other than the two of us here.  That never sinks in for long.

It was good today for Mary Ann to have the reality of a morning regimen with Sonya.  Then friend Jeanne came over at 11am to be with Mary Ann again for a few hours.  Volunteer Scheduler, Mary also came over and ended up staying the whole time with Jeanne and Mary Ann.

I spent time away from the house doing errands.  I had enough to keep me busy until mid-afternoon, when I brought home Blizzards for everyone from Dairy Queen.

As far as I know, Mary Ann dozed with her head down on her little table most of the time I was gone, plus some time napping in bed.  She did get up to eat lunch.  After Jeanne and Mary left, Mary Ann dozed with her head on the table, and then wanted to lie down.  She has had no supper.  She just got up long enough to have a little single serving tapioca, and then she changed into pajamas, took her pills and is now in bed.

She has been up once to use the commode.  Since she slept so much today, we might have another difficult night tonight.  I did not get any napping in today, so I certainly hope that she sleeps tonight.

Even though it is chilly tonight (heading for the upper 30’s by morning), I sat on the deck for about an hour.  I put a coat on and brought out an afghan to put over my legs so that I would be comfortable.  A little more devotional reading and some time just tuning in to the setting and the moment, helped settle my spirit.  This is not getting any easier on either of us.

…she just got up asking me to put the things away in the baby blanket.  Indications are that we may have another night like last night.  My hopes for a restful night are not likely to be realized.

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