Last night Volunteer Tamara came over and picked up a number of cooking dishes, so that she could bring a supper for us to cook here tonight.  Anybody hungry?  The cooking dish she took was far too small.  When the food came this afternoon, I needed to get the turkey roasting pan from downstairs to hold the roast and vegetables.  The pyrex loaf pan was filled to the brim with a spinach, onions and cheese side dish.  The Jello mold she had picked up from us could not be used since it was barely more than half the size necessary to hold the mult-layered fruit filled molded Jello that came with the meal tonight.  Then there was the ten by thirteen pan filled with a lemon dessert to be cut into many bars.

The veggies went into the oven first at 425 degrees for 30 minutes.  Then the huge boneless pork roast covered in a mustard and herb glaze was placed in the center of the pan with the veggies and that pan was put returned to the oven for another forty-five minutes.  Before that would be done, the spinach dish went into the oven.  At the end of the 45 minutes the roast came out and the veggies went back in for another fifteen minutes as the roast was put in a dish and covered to rest for fifteen minutes before slicing.  During that time the spinach finished cooking and the fresh asparagus she also brought was steamed.

Roast pork, roasted vegetables , a hot spinach and cheese dish, asparagus, a fancy layered fruit Jello and lemon bars all provided a sumptuous feast in our little place tonight.  Had we realized just what magnificent food would be in such quantity, you would all have been invited.  We will have good food for days to come, and I will not have to cook!!!

Mary Ann struggled today to stay alert.  She slept well last night, a very good thing.  She didn’t get up until Bath Aide Zandra came, and she remained very tired during the shower, hair washing and getting dressed routine.  Breakfast was a little more difficult than usual for her to handle.  After some fainting, she ended up back in bed for a about an hour and a half.

After she got up, we headed out to run a couple of errands and bring back some lunch for her.  I most often do leftovers.  For the afternoon, she was again somewhat vulnerable to mild confusion and hallucinations.  I needed to stay close.

As we were finishing supper, Volunteer Tamara returned at the usual evening Volunteer time.  She even did the after dinner clean up as I helped Mary Ann wtih the last of her supper.  That was a wonderful gift.  Then I was able to have some time away this evening (Lowe’s and Barnes and Noble).

Mary Ann has been in bed now for a while, but she is really struggling to get settled. I certainly hope she is able to rest, for both our sakes.

Our Daughter, Lisa, phoned this morning while Mary Ann was with Zandra.  She called to work out plans for a couple of visits to our place, one just after the girls get out of school for the summer and just before they start back toward the end of the summer.  That will give Mary Ann a couple of focal points to keep her interest and attention as the months go by.  The Grandchildren always put things into a healthy perspective, keeping us from seeing our journey only in terms of the two of us.

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