I have very seldom seen Mary Ann cry.  This Easter morning as we sat together with Daughter Lisa and her family in the pew during the Easter worship service Mary Ann’s tears flowed. At first, I just thought her nose was running when she indicated that she wanted a Kleenex.  Her nose has been running for the better part of two decades.  It wasn’t until later in the service when handing her a Kleenex that I noticed tears on the inside of one of the lenses of her glasses.

She went through many Kleenexes as the service went on.  After church at one point when we were alone together, I asked what she was thinking about in the service.  She answered, “Nothing good.”  Then later when we were at home, I asked if she had been thinking about the chance that this might be her last Easter.  I thought maybe the music and language of the day in message and prayers and music and hymn texts had allowed the reality of her situation to finally sink in.

She said no.  She said she was thinking about Daughter Lisa.  She had managed to tap into the delusion/dream that Son-in-Law, Denis, was divorcing Lisa.  I explained again that what she was thinking must have come from a dream, since Lisa and Denis were solid and secure.  She seemed to accept my explanation.  Later in the day, she seemed to be drifting back into that delusion, but she caught herself and moved back into reality.

I talked with Lisa and Denis about it tonight.  Lisa will see if there is some way to ease into a conversation that might reassure her Mom of the strength of their marriage.

Our Son Micah and his family came early today so that he could fire up his smoker.  It took all day, but we had the best Brisket and Pulled Pork that I have ever had.  We have prided ourselves in liking only the best of the BBQ places.  We lived in Kansas City for fifteen years.  KC has some of the best BBQ in the country (in my humble opinion). This was better than anything we have had at any of the best BBQ places around.

It was a great day  The weather was outstanding, the family was together, we got to church, and we had a great meal.  I was too tired to write last night, and this is all I can handle tonight.  It is off to bed in hopes of a decent night’s sleep!

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