First came Volunteer Maureen with a decorated basket fill with candy and dozens of home made cookies, along with some spaghetti for the freezer.  If that is not enough, after spending a couple of hours with Mary Ann, she left and returned with three containers of fresh strawberries with the greeting, Happy Easter.  We certainly are treated very well!!

Next came Edie, Paul and Shari for our Spiritual Formation Group.  For the first time in months, we were able to sit outside and enjoy the newly remodeled deck filled with the constant sound of water spilling over the rocks of the waterfall.  That and the birds accompanied the sound of the garbage truck and weed eaters.  What a rich environment for exploring mechanisms for allowing the awareness of the presence of God to wind through our days.  That two hours weekly has a profound grounding effect that helps sustain me during the unsettling times as well as filling with meaning the ordinary moments.

Shortly before the Group meeting ended, Bath Aide Zandra came to give Mary Ann her shower, wash her hair and get her dressed.  Apparently all went well.  We held off on morning pills until after Zandra was done.  That way we avoided the fainting spells that seem to be triggered when the meds first kick in.  There was some fainting later in the day, but it was very manageable.

When all those folks had left, a call came from Hospice Social Worker Kristin for her monthly visit.  She came over and, as usual, she asked lots of questions about how both of us were faring in our situation.  With all vagaries of Mary Ann’s cluster of medical problems, we seem to be healthy and secure — a credit to the support we get from so many folks.  During her visit, Volunteer Coordinator Mary phoned that she and Arlene would like to come by on Friday for a visit.  I could report that to Kristin as an example of the many folks who care for us and brighten our days.

Next came the Sister-in-Law of Jerry, our Remodel Contractor.  She is a gifted painter, who on very short notice was able to prep the ceiling for the electrician who, hopefully, will come soon to install the ceiling fan.  Actually, she was here while Hospice Social Worker Kristin was doing her task with us.

After Painter Diane left, Stacey came to talk with us about blinds and colors to paint the interior of the upstairs.  She brought wonderful ideas and helped us talk through some things.  Mary Ann was fully involved in the discussion, especially the discussion about colors of paint.  Mary Ann has an exceptional eye for colors.

After Stacey left, procrastinator that I am, we went out to eat using a promotional $25 gift certificate that I have had since before Christmas.  Today was the last day it could be used before expiring.  We ate a $34 and change worth of meals, that ended up only $4.61 (I realize the math doesn’t work, but the way the tax was applied also made a difference).  Yes, I gave a tip based on the charge before the discount.  The meal was at a good restaurant here called the Brick Oven.  Mary Ann allowed me to reach across and help her get the food to her mouth after she had struggled for a while.

After, of course, a stop at Baskin & Robbins, we got home to meet with Contractor Jerry who was there finishing up a couple of little things.  The main reason for the visit was to pick up the check for the work they did on the sun room and the deck.  There goes that inheritance, Kids!

Speaking of the Kids, Daughter Lisa called.  We got to talk with five year old Granddaughter, Ashlyn, who told us they were going to try to come a day early, which is only a couple of days from now.  They will arrive either late on Friday or early on Saturday if they stay with our Son and family in the Kansas City area before arriving at our house.  Needless to say that news lifted Mary Ann’s spirit as well as mine.

The day concluded with some deck sitting time after Mary Ann headed to bed.  Deck Therapy is one of the most effective tools for helping me keep perspective and fold into the day the support of the One who gives me breath.  I guess the day began and ended with the birds and the waterfall each providing their uniquely healing sounds.

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