The birdfeeders are back up.  Will they return?  Other than the last time we had a snowfall (birds are fowl weather friends — sorry, bad pun), there have been few birds.  There has been too much activity with the construction.  Now that it is done and the bird feeders are back up, will the birds find their way back?

They will need time.  Birds can be very fickle.  If there is not food available when they want it, they will just find their way somewhere else that is better stocked.

Since the weather is so warm and the deck is finished, we are going to try having the Wednesday morning Spiritual Formation group outside.  We begin at 7:30am.  It is likely to be pretty chilly then, but it should warm up quickly.  There will, of course, be lots of hot coffee to warm our insides.

The workers completed most of the last tasks in the remodel job.  The cork floor is now laid in the sun room.  The screens are in, so we could keep the door open for most of the evening tonight.  The sound of the waterfall is loud and clear when the new sliding glass door is open. Everything looks better than I had even imagined. I spend as much time standing on the deck this evening as I could while still keeping an eye on Mary ann.

Mary Ann had a difficult first half of the night last night and slept in until about 11:30am.  During that time, CPA Twila came by with very good news on our taxes.  Retiring and not being able to work part time has the beneficial side effect of pretty much eliminating any tax liability.

Mary Ann ate breakfast at lunchtime.  She decided that she wanted scrambled eggs, bacon and toast.  I managed to get that accomplished, even adding some shredded cheese to melt on top of the eggs.  Volunteer Tamara had brought us a dozen farm eggs last evening, the ones with the deep yellow yolks.  They are wonderful.

After a hearty lunch, Hospice Nurse Emily stopped by.  Mary Ann’s blood pressure was high as usual, 172/108.  There was a little fainting.  in the morning. The daily task I thought had come to a conclusion continued today.  Mary Ann has been eating pretty well lately, and the intestinal activity reflects that.

Mary Ann wanted Chinese (Sesame Chicken) from the Chinese food counter at the grocery store.  After eating a healthy portion of the rice and the chicken (and Crab Rangoon), she ate about 60% of the two scoop treat from Baskin & Robbins that she had declined when I brought it home last night (too close to bed time).

She folded shortly after supper and headed to bed.  I need to get to bed also, since preparation for the morning group begins early.

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