I can’t describe how dramatic it was when Contractor Jerry stripped off the cloudy protective covering on each side of the twelve feet of floor to ceiling glass today.  The intensity of the colors from outside, the newly greened grass, had to be seen to begin to understand the impact.  Jerry mentioned how much the art professors at the University of Kansas appreciate that the glass Four Season’s uses allows the true colors to pass through with no alteration from the gas between the sealed panes.

I am thrilled with the view.  I could not have hoped for more.  The new cork floor is almost complete.  It will be a while before we get the matter of painting the walls settled and done.  Then the ceiling fan and outside light fixture will be installed.

Tonight, the moon was full and bright.  It almost seemed like daytime.  The moon cast distinct shadows.  I sat on the deck in the moonlight, stars visible in spite of the brightness of the moon.  The monitor was in view, so I could relax, assured that I could see Mary Ann move if she woke up.

It is moments like that, bathed in moonlight, listening to the waterfall, that any frustration is simply trumped by the beauty.  It didn’t hurt that the temperature shot up twelve degrees from yesterday to about 70 degrees and the sun was shining with no interference during the day.

There also were a very revealing couple of interactions between Mary Ann and me today about the project.  She asked, “Where is Mary Ann?”  I thought the hallucnations were firing up. Then, since the subject of the project had been in the air earlier, I asked if she meant, where is her imprint on the project.

She had played the primary role in the colors we will paint the interior of the house, but the project itself has been my doing.  I have talked about other dimensions of it, included her in looking at vertical blinds and flooring, but I have been the one making most of the decisions.

It was sad that she felt left out.  I made that observation to her later in the day as I was getting her changed for bed.  She said that she was just jealous that I was able to do all of that.  What began as a an uncomfortable exchange earlier, ended up drawing us into a tender moment.  She gently touched my shoulder.  I asked her if she still loves me, and she responded that she loves me very much.  There are so few times when the words come, that it meant very much to me to hear those words so clearly spoken.

Mary Ann did pretty well today.  She did not have problems when Bath Aide Zandra was with her, even though I had forgotten to hold off on meds until after she was finished with Mary Ann.

The unpleasant task that has continued for two days as those smooth muscles that run the peristaltic movement in the alimentary canal simply have not been able to complete the journey without help is now in its third day.  Reading the last few posts will help clarify what that means in graphic terms. The smooth muscles are controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System, which has been compromised by the Lewy Bodies.

Breakfast went all right.  We ate lunch at Perkin’s.  Mary Ann was able to handle about half of the meal by herself.  I helped feed her the last half of the meal.  Supper was a sandwich that she managed to eat by herself. She did not nap today.  Volunteer Tamara spent the evening with Mary Ann.  They both seem to enjoy the time together.  I ran errands having to do with the project.  Sometimes that is the beginning of a move into hallucinations.  We will see how the night goes.

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