On Wednesdays, Volunteer Coordinator Mary, tries to schedule folks who are available during the day to spend time with Mary Ann.  Usually one or two of the slots are filled.  Today three of the four slots were filled.

Mary Ann got up early today, 7am.  By 7:30am, Volunteer Eva arrived to spend a couple of hours with Mary Ann.  That freed me to spend an uninterrupted time downstairs with the Spiritual Formation group, just Paul and me today.

Bath Aide Zandra arrived around 9am.  Again today, we chose not to take the morning meds until after Zandra was done with Mary Ann’s shower, hair and getting her dressed.  There had been some fainting earlier, when I was helping her with some bathroom duties, but Zandra had no such problems.

Next came Kristie who cleans the house each month.  I keep the kitchen counters clean and maintain the place in between, but she does the most hated task of dusting.  There is a thorough vacuuming, bathrooms cleaned (although I disinfect the stool each morning when I clean out the commode). The house always feels and smells sparklingly clean when she is done.  Today, the living area was off limits for cleaning since there was active sanding of sheet rock mud going on.  I will gladly do some vacuuming when that job is done, and I will not so gladly do some dusting and return the things I removed for that part of the project.

While Kristie was finishing the cleaning, Volunteer Rebecca arrived.  She spent time with Mary Ann while I enjoyed a meal with friend and former parishioner.  John has been a great support over the years, serving as what we called a Care Partner during the last half of my time at my former congregation.  He is someone with whom I can talk openly about our home situation and the challenges that come.  He was tuned in to the recent transition to Hospice Care.

I returned home for the transition between Rebecca and Volunteer Clarene.  Clarene spent the rest of the afternoon with Mary Ann while I took some much needed time at Home Depot and Lowe’s dealing with a couple of items needed for the construction project.

As promised, I returned with ice cream from Baskin & Robbins.  Mary Ann seemed to have been alert and awake all day long.  After a little time watching the news, Mary Ann needed to go to the bathroom.  When we were done, she said she wanted to stop by the bed on the way out.  I wondered out loud what she was planning to do at the bed.  Still having some residual feistiness that had re-emerged during the visit of the Three from the North, she responded, “None of your business.”  I could hardly stop laughing at her wonderfully “smart-ass” response.

She is still in recuperation mode and decided to get changed into her pj’s and get into bed.  It was only a little after 6pm.  She has been dozing and watching NCIS since then.  She will take her night time meds at the usual 8:30pm and, hopefully, be down for the night.  Actually, there will very likely be two or three snacks at various times during the night, since the ice cream spoiled her appetite for supper.  You would think by now I would remember not to offer ice cream late in the afternoon.

It seemed to be a good day for Mary Ann, getting to spend time with so many whom she counts as friends.  I was able to have time to do some things for myself.  Tomorrow is a day we have to ourselves, no appointments or visitors expected.  I need to start thinking about what we can do that will provide something to grab Mary Ann’s attention and add interest to her day.

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