Not yet, but there are seven guys with trumpets of rams’ horns followed by a large crowd who have been circling the house for some days now.  Should I be concerned??

The addition of a sun room that will change exterior space into interior space adding a six foot by nine foot sun area with twelve feet of floor to ceiling glass (six feet of which is sliding doors) is now in the process of construction.  The new exterior walls are almost done.  The old interior walls will be removed some time in the next few days, probably Monday.

We now spend most of every day and night in this little townhome, 1150 square feet upstairs — easy to care for but somewhat confining.  The large pondless waterfall that we put in last summer is wonderful, but not visible from inside the house.  When this project is complete, the waterfall will be in full view.

Mary Ann’s assessment of the project is that I have really gone overboard.  I think when all is said and done, she will like it very much.  She has never enjoyed going out and spending time on the deck.  This way she can see the beauty of the area behind the house from the warmth or the cool of the house.

I will make no pretense.  This is for me.  I am nurtured by the outdoors.  I crave light.  This will provide access to both while still in the same space as Mary Ann, keeping her in full view.  When the project took shape and the deal was consummated, it was not so clear that Mary Ann was declining to the degree that is now apparent. It seems to me that the timing is actually working out well.  This is a helpful distraction from the focus we have had on preparing for the next phase of our lives.  The project feels very life affirming to me.   Yes, we are spending the Kids inheritance!  They know it and have encouraged us to do so.

The last couple of days have included two nights of adequate sleep, interrupted, but not too often.  Yesterday she ate well for two meals and missed the third, sleeping through it.  Bath Aide Zandra did do a shower since Mary Ann’s leg strength seems to be returning.  She had problems with her, but got the job done.

Today has included lots of fainting, even just sitting in the chair.  I hope that will subside for a time.  A huge rolling shower chair has now been delivered.  Hopefully, that will make a difference.  The Hospice Aide will come tomorrow for the first time.  This way Mary Ann will get three showers a week.  Since she is incontinent much of the time, it is good to keep her clean.  We change disposables very often (cost adds up fast, but worth it) to avoid urinary tract infections [UTI].

The hallucinations were in a challenging mode.  Mary Ann was popping up to go somewhere and do something much of the time she was out of bed.  I, of course, needed to get to her immediately to keep her from falling.  When I got there, she usually didn’t know what she was up for or where she was going.  A few times she had a need that was created by a hallucination. A few times when she was lying down but awake, she was having a waking dream and talking to me about things that had no connection with reality.  I am sure the hallucination/delusion/dream times are distressing to her, and they certainly are very difficult for me to deal with.

The Hospice Chaplain stopped by to introduce himself.  It is a frightening thing to put two preachers together.  Poor Mary Ann couldn’t have gotten a word in edgewise even if she tried.  He would come at whatever intervals we chose.  Since we have a good support system, I suggested once a month.  His time will be best used with those many who do not have an active support system.  It is nice to have an option that is not part of in our organization or denomination.  He spent a good portion of his career in Brazil.  I suspect he has plenty of interesting stories.

Later in the day friend (and former parishioner) Don came by to check out the project.  He had a couple of good suggestions.  More importantly, he brought a cup of coffee from PT’s.  We stood there talking long enough that the workers thought they might put us to work.

For supper we enjoyed a small Lasagna that Daughter Lisa had made and put in the freezer for us when she was here.  Afterward Mary Ann was willing (of course) to head to Baskin & Robbins to get some ice cream treats to bring home.

She is now in bed.  I suspect, given the hallucinations today, tonight may be a difficult one.  We will see how it goes.

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