She went to bed at about 9:15pm last night.  She didn’t stir until about 8am, not even a commode trip.  I had gone to bed early and got a good night’s sleep also.  I got her up then to use the commode, talked about going to her Tuesday morning group while she sat on the side of the bed, still half asleep.  As I suspected, she needed to lie back down.  It is almost 12:30pm, and she is still sleeping.  A few minutes ago, I asked if she was ready to get up.  She did not respond.  I will check regularly now, so that she can get food, meds and a trip to the bathroom as soon as possible.

One of the folks in the online Lewy Body Caregiver Spouses group has made a movie and entered it in the the 2010 Neuro Film Festival on YouTube.  That video can be found by going to and entering in the search box 2010 Neuro Film Festival.  Her video is on the second page, titled, Life with Lewy 2010.  There is another video on that page that is painfully funny to those who have been impacted by Parkinson’s. That title is, Parkinson’s Gets a Bad Rap.  I happened upon another video on YouTube titled Parkinson’s Disease — That’s a Laugh.  Check them out.

Mary Ann got up around 1:00pm, got dressed, took pills and with help ate her usual breakfast.  She moved into sitting with head in lap mode after eatng.  She was able to communicate a bit.  There was no evidence of her having hallucinations.

Since she was not done eating until mid-afternoon, it was not long to supper.  I had gotten out some beef fillets from the package we had gotten from Omaha steaks a while back.  Along with broccoli and a baked potato, she ate well at supper.  She even had what was left from last night’s B&R trip for dessert.

Volunteer Barb came to visit for the evening while I had a break.  As far as I know, the hallucinations stayed away during that time.  Mary Ann is in bed now.  How the night will go remains to be seen.

I headed over to Barnes and Noble to find a book that I could sit and read for a while, enjoying a hot chocolate in the Starbuck’s there.  After drinking PT’s coffee, purchased directly from the growers, roasted to perfection here in small batches, Starbuck’s coffee just doesn’t measure up.

I had no intention of buying a book, but I found one that I could not resist.  It is called The Mind of God: The Scientific Basis for a Rational World, by Paul Davies. I thoroughly enjoy reading books that probe the wonders of the laws of physics written by folks intelligent, intuitive and honest enough in looking at the best that science has to offer that they can see the “something more.”  This writer does not conclude the existence of God, but allows that what is implied by the universe and our place in it is something that some might call God.

Since I happen to be a person of faith, I don’t look to this or any other contemporary work to define my view of reality.  I suspect that if/when I finish the book there will be nothing with which I need to disagree to sustain my faith.  In fact, my usual experience in reading such books has been to simply see expanded the wonder and appreciation at what the best of scientific inquiry can bring to my faith.  For me such reading is devotional at least as much as it is intellectual.

I am glad that I got plenty of sleep last night.  Otherwise, I would not have been able to track with the author as I read the first chapter this evening.  It is encouraging evidence that my brain may not yet have atrophied completely!

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