“Watch out for the baby?”  I was warned a number of times not to step on the baby.  She has been talking to people, mostly kids, I guess our Granddaughters, much of the time she has been awake.  She has said things to me in a very rational and matter of fact sounding voice that made no sense to me.  She would sometimes get a little irritated with me that I acted as if I did not understand something so obvious to her.

She did finally sleep last night.  It took a while.  She got up fairly early this morning.  At one point when she got up to use the commode, she asked me how I slept in the van.  then she said something about my wife as if it was someone else.  I verified that she was Mary Ann Tremain and I was Peter Tremain and we were married.  She said she knew that, but somehow I had three other wives — a pretty terrifying thought since it is hard enough work to sustain one relationship. I assured her that one is enough for me, and she is the one.

She was able to stay in bed while I got ready.  Then she took pills and ate yogurt and a little cereal with my help. There was a substitute Bath Aide this morning.  Sue said that Mary Ann popped up a few times while she was trying to get her ready.  It was a little challenging for her.

After Sue left, Mary Ann began the sitting with head down mode.  After a while she was willing to let me take her into the bedroom to lie down.  I tried to rest for part of the time she was napping.  Most times Mary Ann said anything, it was to or about a hallucination.

I got her up for lunch.  It was about 1:30pm or 2pm.  She reluctantly allowed me to feed her, so she got a fair amount of food.  After eating, she returned to the sitting with the head down mode.

By about 4:30pm she decided to lie down for a nap.  I decided that I would insist on her getting up to eat supper to try to avoid the difficulty she had last night getting to sleep when regular bedtime arrived.

At 6pm, I enticed her to get up to eat supper with the promise of my going to get some Baskin & Robbins when Volunteer Jolene arrived this evening.  She ate some supper mostly on her own.  She followed that with about half of the cup of two scoops of ice cream from B&R.

Jolene is with her now, but Mary Ann is continuing to hallucinate and pop up, making it a challenge for Jolene.  Gratefully, Jolene is pretty laid back and unruffled by the challenge.  She worked for many years early in her career at a facility for those with multiple handicaps.  After getting the ice cream, I stayed home tonight to work on this post while Jolene was here so that I might be able to get to bed early.

Especially today Mary Ann has struggled with the time of the day that it is.  When Jolene left shortly after 9pm, she was convinced that it was 8:30am.  When she went to bed, she wanted to lie down in her jeans.  Then after explaining that is was 9:15pm I got her pj’s on.  As she lay down, she asked me to be sure and not let her sleep too long.  She obviously thought it was during the day.  It is interesting that the fact that it is dark seemed not to register in her calculation of the time of day.

I remain pretty confused by the vacillations in Mary Ann’s situation, the speed with which they come, their unpredictability and the fact that this is so different from her situation just three months ago.  Yes, all of this is common to those with the kind of dementia that has emerged, Parkinson’s Disease Dementia, a Dementia with Lewy Bodies.  I still wonder what role the medications have in this decline.

I am moving slowly on reworking a fax to send to the Neurologist, since I want to see if there is any pattern that emerges that would help him make an intelligent judgment on the role of the meds in her current situation.  If we are going to risk changing medications and/or dosages with all the nasty possibilities, I want it to be done with the best information possible.

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