I went to bed very early last night, dreading what I assumed would be a sleepless night, probably including lots of hallucinations.  She had slept the entire day yesterday, the night before, most of the day before, most of the night before that, much of the day before that.

I knew what was coming.  It never came.  She slept the entire night and into the morning.  It settled in my mind that she was in a pattern of sleeping constantly.  As I showered, I concluded that it was simply not acceptable for her to be sleeping this much.  I would rewrite and update the fax to the Neurologist and ask if I could titrate back to a lower dose the Seroquel.  I concluded that whether or not this decline is due to over-medication of some sort, I would assume it was since we can do something about the medicine.  We can’t stop the disease process.

When I got dressed, Mary Ann needed to use the commode and agreed to get dressed.  While midstream in getting her dressed, she said she needed to go back to bed.  I tried to entice her with breakfast, washing her hair, a trip to the grocery later for items including Valentine candy.  It didn’t work.  She couldn’t stay up.  She lay back down.

I went on about the morning chores, more committed to working on changing the meds.  Then, to my complete surprise, I heard the shuffling of the bedding as she started trying to sit up.  She got up, I got her dressed, she came to the table and with my help took her pills, drank her juice (with Miralax mixed in) and ate her yogurt (again with help).

She moved to the living room and sat up in her chair without leaning forward into her lap as she had been doing that last days most of the little bit of time she was up.

After a while, we had a very enjoyable visit from friends (former parishioners), Don and Edie.  They brought flowers, a bottle of wine and Valentine’s Day card, as well as some very tasty homemade orange and pecan sticky buns.

They were able to stay a bit.  After fixing the flowers, Edie spent time talking with Mary Ann.  Don and I were talking in the kitchen, so I am not sure how responsive Mary Ann was, but the little I could hear seemed to suggest that Mary Ann was alert and engaged.

After they headed on their way, Mary Ann was willing to get in the car and head to the grocery.  We picked out cards for one another — a little strange to help Mary Ann pick out the card for me.  We got the usual Russell Stover box of candy.  Then  we spent quite a while getting groceries.  I decided to get some more packaged Uncle Ben’s rice dishes and a package of Suddenly Salad, since that had gone over so well with Mary Ann.  I realize that I need to come up with more variety for meals.  I am hoping to find some good packaged meals that provide the seasoning packets, increasing the likelihood that the result will be edible.

Mary Ann ate a good amount in the mid-afternoon.  She wound down and began leaning forward again after that.  She went in to lie down by shortly after 6pm.  She had a snack around 8:30pm along with the nighttime pills.

I am preparing myself mentally for being up with her tonight.  If she does sleep through it will be a nice surprise.  I do better if I am prepared for a difficult night.  I am less frustrated and resentful when it comes.

At the moment, I remain at least as hopelessly confused as I was last night when I wrote.  I was so convinced this morning what I should do next, and now Mary Ann’s day of alertness has pulled the plug on that plan.

At least my confusion resides in a rested mind, since I was able to sleep all night again last night.  I wonder what tonight will bring?

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