The hallucinations are now a constant presence.  All the time Mary Ann has been with me, she has been actively hallucinating.  Last night she was up at regular intervals, always hallucinating.  I had to talk her into lying back down.  She tried to get up for the day beginning at about 4am.

It has been harder to do everything we normally do.  Putting clothes on is more difficult since she is having trouble connecting on what leg to put where or how to hold her arms so that a shirt can be put on.  Often she wants to know why we are doing one thing or not doing another, often unsure what time of the day it is.

I knew it would be impossible for her to stay seated and safe while I took a shower.  Before drying my hair, I went out to check on her.  She was moving the lift out of the front door area.  When I came up she looked down the hall toward the office saying something about my mother, as if she was lying there. I don’t think she would head out the door of the house, however, I cannot rule out completely that possibility.

When finally I was finishing getting her ready to go to her Tueaday morning Bible Class, I mentioned that that is what I was doing.  “Bible Class, that will be somethign new,” she said.  At that moment, she had never heard of the group she has been meeting with for years.  During the Bible Class, apparently she was making the eating motions she often does, picking up imaginary pieces of food and putting them in her mouth.

There simply was not a waking moment that was not filled with hallucinations and the need to deal with them.  Mary (who schedules Mary Ann’s Volunteers) came over for a while to visit this afternoon.  Most of the time Mary was here, Mary Ann was in her transfer chair with her head down, close to sliding off on to the floor.  At least we were not up constantly chasing hallucinations while Mary was here.  Mary Ann decided to go and lie down toward the end of Mary’s visit.

Even when she lay down, she did not actually go to sleep.  Starting while Mary was still here and continuing until supper, she was in bed, but up and down as she is at night now.  If not very helpful to Mary Ann, at least the naps in the past have given me time to go to the computer, or just vegetate for a while.  Not this time.  She demanded my full attention and has done so every waking moment, as well as very many times during the night.

While, I, of course, am also in need again of some good nights of sleep, my being rested will not help in dealing with the level of needs she has now.

Last evening I enjoyed a wonderful break.  There was a local Audubon Society program at the library.   Volunteer Shari happened to be scheduled in the evening covering the time the program was held.  This was only the second time I have been at a local Audubon Society event of any sort.  The last time I came and went with no conversation, almost anonymously.  This time I knew someone who worked with the presenter and the one who introduced him.  Not only that, for fifteen years at a church in the Kansas City area, I had ministered to the family of the presenter’s uncle.  Those connections broke the ice, so I got to enjoy lots of conversation time at the end of the program.

As I was preparing to leave for the program last night, I realized just how much I needed time away and something distracting from the intensity of our situation at home at the moment.  This morning as the time for Mary Ann’s Bible Study was approaching, I was concerned about the uncontrollable stream of hallucinaitons, how that would play while she was with the group.  The weather was not good, as snow was falling at a far more rapid pace than predicted, making the side streets difficult.  There was plenty of reason not to take Mary Ann to her Bible Study.  She certainly seemed unaware of it in the midst of the hallucinations.

I just needed to get her there so that I could have another break from the intensity.  I knew her Truesday morning  group would accept her whatever she said or did.  I left my cell phone number with Mary, who sits next to her in the class, just in case Mary Ann’s words or actions were becoming a problem.

There seems to have been a transition from finding things to do when Volunteers come so that I will be more effective over the long haul, to needing the break just to survive another day.

I will be interested in how tonight goes.  Mary Ann has to be exhausted from all her activity day and night with no nap time to speak of in the last thirty hours or so.  She has needed my participation a number of times already tonight since she lay down two and a half hours ago.  The hallucinations have continued. It does not look good at the moment for any uninterrupted sleep tonight.  Assuming there is not a good night’s sleep for me either in the next couple of nights, I will need to try again on the paid overnight help.

I had better get to bed.  I am going to bed earlier and earlier in hopes that I can squeeze some sleep in before the worst of the night time problems emerge.  So far it has not been much help to get in there early.

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