I will log today as a good day.  It was uneventful, gratefully so.  There were no dramatic hallucinations.  Last night provided a decent amount of sleep.   The times up during the night were not too many.  We slept late enough to compensate for the sleep lost during the commode trips and shifts in bed. 

The morning was spectacularly beautiful since we had 3.3 inches of fluffy snow.  The branches and twigs were so full of snow that it was falliing steadily in large clumps for part of the morning.  The Homes Association cleared the streets and sidewalks.  Our job was just to enjoy it.

Mary Ann ate her normal breakfast with the morning pills.  She watched some television and looked through her new Martha Stewart magazine (a newly received gift subscription).  I read emails from the Kansas Birders and the Lewy Body Dementia Spouses group.  There was some interesting material, an article on Seroquel and halluciantions — helpful information. 

After a sandwich, chips and Pepsi, Mary Ann was content to return to the magazine and the television, while I shoveled the deck to make room for more seed for the birds, cleaned out the birdbath, filled a feeder, spread birdseed and picked up the mail. 

I actually made supper, ham steak smothered in homemade green tomato relish, baked sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar and some canned corn.  Mary Ann ate fairly well, especially after she relented and allowed me to help get the food in her mouth.

I offered get some Baskin & Robbins ice cream, and she accepted.  Of course, out of the goodness of my heart I got some for me to eat also just to keep her company.  She was struggling some to get manage eating the ice cream, but she would not allow me to help.  She did finally finish all of it. 

The ice cream that late in the day pushed bedtime an hour or so later than usual.  It is probably too much to hope for, but it would be nice to have another uneventful night. 

I did cut her second dose of Midodrine in half, in hopes that her blood pressure might move a little lower.  I haven’t checked it today. 

 I will accept today as a good no news day.   As for tonight and tomorrow,  they are mysteries yet to unfold. 

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