“Allen, the guy you were engaged to when we started dating wishes you well,” I told her this morning.  One of her long time friends from those years mentioned in an email that he had asked about her.  I waited to mention it until she had come out of the worst of the steady stream of hallucinations.  In a very matter of fact way, she said “that was from the past.”  Later I asked her what year in school he was in relationship to her.  She said he was in her brother’s class in high school, two years ahead of her.  By the way, before tongues start wagging, I didn’t know she was engaged, and she was already planning on sending the ring back.  He was in Florida and she was in Northern Illinois.

Last night began as I had expected after Mary Ann napped for over six hours during the day.  She was up many times during the first part of the night.  Most of the times she was up, she just sat on the side of the bed.  I came in to ask if she needed anything each time.  She asked if we could go home, almost every time.  I pointed out her quilt hanging on the wall and tried to convince her that she was in her bed, it was night time and she could lie down and go to sleep.  

I went to bed pretty early.  She continued to get up for a while, but finally settled and slept the rest of the night reasonably well (with the usual interruptions).  Just once she ended up on the floor next to the bed.  She did not try to get up early, as she had most of the last few mornings.  When she did get up. the mild hallucinations were still there, picking up things, pulling threads (or the thin gold chains) off her hands.  She was not having the steady stream of hallucinations that included people, and her mind seemed clearer.  

I will admit that I have been getting more and more concerned about my ability to continue this task as the intensity and frequency of the hallucinations has been increasuing so steadily.  This morning’s clearer time was a tremendous relief.  It may only be momentary, but it provides some hope that the roller coaster ride still has the capacity to go back up for a time. 

Jacki came to stay with Mary Ann and spend lunch time with her.  I had another lunch out with a friend.  As far as I know, Mary Ann did fine while I was gone. 

By the way, I made a very important discovery as I drove back from the lunch.  I stopped to see the progress of the newly remodeled space that had been the Baskin & Robbins that served as our regular supplier before the owner retired.  It is now an enlarged space that will open this Monday, a brand new Baskin & Robbins.  And some say there is no God! 

Back to the day.  Parish Nurse Margaret stopped by with a request that we help dispose of some box lunches left over from a meeting.   We graciously agreed to help her out in her dilemma of what to do with them.  We are such good people!  I asked Margaret if she would take Mary Ann’s blood pressure.  It was 170/90.  Apparently, the Midodrine is working to keep her BP high enough so that she does not faint.  We continue to accept the slow damage being done by the high blood pressure in trade for a better quality of life resulting from reducing the fainting spells (Orthostatic Hypotension).

Mary Ann was obviously tired this afternoon, but she was willing to go to the grocery.  We ran into a neighbor and friend, Ann, there, always a treat.  After we got home we ate the box lunches.  Mary Ann was in bed about an hour later.  She got up moments ago to tell me about a dream.  When I got her back to bed she looked out the bedroom door and said the people were back, this time with a baby.  After a time sleeping, she sat up again.  When I went in, she said the family how has a horse.  Then she asked if she was in Topeka.  She said in the dream she was just having, she was in Alaska, and the family was there with the horse.  I told her that I was glad they were in Alaska, maybe they could stay there and not bother her here.  She is back in bed.  I have no doubt the family will return to Topeka and be back in our house.  We will see how the rest of the night goes. 

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