I thought I would check to see if Mary Ann had any hallucinations at Bible Study this morning, away from home.  She told me that there was a twenty-one  year old walking around the room during Bible Study, behind the ladies sitting across the table from her.  I am fairly sure it is very unlikely that there was anyone walking aroud the room they were in, but I will check with someone in the crew to be sure.

I just checked and found out that she did ask quietly of Mary (schedules Volunteers and was sitting next to her),  “Who is that girl over there?”  There was no girl.  Gratefully, Mary knows our situation well.  Mary added that Mary Ann stuck her tongue out at her when she asked if Mary Ann had taken her medicine.  That is the Mary Ann I know!

I just read another post by one of the folks in the online group of Caregiving LBD Spouses.  She mentioned the problem with her Loved One blaming all sorts of things on the imagined people.  It is a paranoid delusion in his case.  Many of those in the group describe their Loved Ones saying often that “they” are doing this or that.  I suppose it is likely that this problem will grow at our house as time goes by.

Mary Ann napped for a couple of hours after lunch.  The hallucinations have continued.  They tended to be seeing something that was there, but seeing it to be something it wasn’t. 

Barb came and spent the evening with Mary Ann.  Again, I ran an errand or two and then came back to the house to spend time in my office listening to music and reading a new book that I hope will have a positive impact on my physical well-being.  That is a concern for any Caregiver who needs to stay healthy to be able to continue to fulfill the responsibilities.  There simply is no room for health problems.  (As if any of us could control what does or does not happen in that regard.)

I am heading to bed early in hopes that tonight will be a better night. 

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