The hallucinations seemed to have backed off a little today.  Mary Ann went to her Bible Study this morning after a break of about a month.  That seemed to help her alertness, both the anticipation and the class itself. 

I was surprised at how many ladies were at the class.  At 68 Mary Ann is among the youngest in the group.  The cold and snow did not deter them.  I made the observation that many who were there had spouses at home with whom they had been trapped for many days.  Apparently, they needed a break. 

I used the time Mary Ann was at Bible Study to head to the Wild Bird House to pick up a couple of things and talk with the owners.  There were a couple of other customers who joined in the conversation, especially about the Eagles I had seen Sunday morning.  One of the customers had been to the same area and seen forty of them.  The time at the Bird store often turns into a bit of a respite.

Mary Ann suggested again today that we eat at the library.  Since this was the second day in a row that she suggested it, I realized that it was more about the lunch than the library.  We had gone to the library yesterday.  She wanted the five cheese Quiche they serve there.  She wolfed it down with just a little help cutting some of it into smaller pieces. 

She napped for an hour or so when we returned home, but got up to join me in talking with a member of the congregation from which I retired who is one of the best interior design folks I know.  Stacey talked with us about window coverings for the sun room addition when that project is done in February.  Mary Ann is not so interested in the project as am I, but she will certainly enjoy it when it is done.  We also talked about a couple of lesser projects that might be thrown into them mix.  I am just grateful to have something concrete and positive to focus on during these days we are pretty well trapped in the house. 

This evening has been okay.  She seems pretty restless again.  I am especially tired this evening, so I will bring this to a close and try to get some rest.

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