Yes, the parking was no picnic.  We ended up on the fifth level of the parking garage.  It was good that it was a warm and sunny day since that is the top level, uncovered.  The elevator took us to street level, where there were curbs between us and our destination.  Curbs make it virtually impossible for wheel chair travel.  There was access to the street available to us by heading away from our destination for a relatively short distance.  Then we had to head out into the street for about a half block to find a spot where the curb had been lowered for wheelchair access.  The ramp to the second floor entrance to the Pozez Education building was a long switchback with a pretty steep incline.

On the poaitive side, that climb provided some much needed exercise.  It was the annual Healthwise 55 Holiday Brunch.  This year it was extended to a fourth sitting beginning at 11:30am.   We always chuckle about the menu for the Healthwise 55 Brunch. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet.  There are scrambled eggs, sausage links, bacon, biscuits and gravy, doughnuts, muffins and a bowl of fruit.  I concluded that taking a cup of fruit freed me to have two helpings of everything else without guilt.

Mary Ann did pretty well at eating the eggs and bacon and fruit.  Since she is not ready to let me feed her in public, it is good that she was able to manage eating on her own.  She ate a couple of helpings of the eggs and bacon. It did surprise me that when we got home and settled, she popped up right away and headed toward the kitchen.  She wanted one of the two pieces of pecan pie she was convinced we had.  We had long since finished the pumkin pie from Thanksgiving.  Other than a couple of pieces of pecan pie that Jeanne had brought when we lunched together at our house ten or twelve days ago, there has been no pecan pie in the house.

This will be a food-filled week.  Yesterday, buddy Jimmy took me out for the usual monthly lunch.  I had a single order gourmet Italian sweet sausage and red pepper pizza that was the equivalent of a full-sized small pizza.  Then there were the bread sticks and the salad.  I brought home enough of the pizza for Mary Ann and I both to have some for supper.

Tomorrow the Liturgical Season of Advent begins with evening worship and a supper.  More social activity.  Then on Thursday comes the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group catered Holiday meal.  More social activity.  While eating in public has the potential of being awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, staying home will not make those problems go away.  By going out, we both become less sensitive to those externals.

Mary Ann did nap for a couple of hours this afternoon.  As always, I hope for both her sake and mine, that it is a restful night.

Addendum: Our Daughter Lisa had surgery on Monday.  The surgery went well.  She went home today and an is in recuperation mode.

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