I just went back into the bedroom for one of very many times so far this evening to check on her.  When I asked her what was causing her to be so restless, she answered, “I’m disoriented.”

She has been moving around in bed this evening, lifting herself up on her elbows and looking around.  I have become conditioned to head to the bedroom when I see much movement on the 7″ baby monitor screen on my desk next to the computer monitor.  I move fairly quickly so that she doesn’t get up and try to walk on her own.  Especially when she first gets in bed after taking her night time meds, she is vulnerable to falling due to the drowsiness that is a side effect with a couple of the pills she takes at that time.

Clearly the drowsiness has not been enough to send her off to sleep tonight.  She did not sleep well last night.  It is surprising just how much impact one restless night has on her.  She has been doing lots more hallucinating today.  As usually happens, she got up early this morning, after not having slept much at all last night.  She fell a couple of times trying to pick up things that were not there.  She popped up often from her transfer chair, sometimes unsure of what she was getting up for. 

She went back to bed after being up a while this morning and slept about three hours.  I was glad she got some sleep.  The more tired she gets, the more she struggles with hallucinations, tracking mentally, keeping her balance when walking, among other things. 

Tonight, she is just struggling to settle down to sleep.  The last time I went in she said that she was feeling guilty that the house was not clean for the cleaning lady.  I reminded her that the monthly visit from Kristie would be Wednesday, and it is only Sunday evening.  Earlier, when I was getting her ready for bed, she thought she heard the voice of the main character on her favorite television program, the Closer.  She knows that the show airs on Mondays.  She was convinced it was Monday evening.  I reminded her that just an hour before then we had returned home from going to the Evening Service at church.  Somehow even that did not seem to satisfy her. 

The next time I came she was getting completely out of bed.  She said she was looking for things to do to get ready for the cleaning lady.  As we talked about it, she asked what I did to prepare for her coming.  I described the prep I usually do, taking things off the table so that she can get to the top to clean it, taking things off the kitchen counter, putting all the toiletries in the baskets on the bathroom vanity, just general straightening up to make her job a little easier.  I reminded her that there would be no point in doing that prep work until Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, otherwise it would all be spread out again by the time Kristie came. 

It always seems odd to me when Mary Ann juxtiposes a very lucid comment (that the cleaning lady comes this week) and confused perceptions (what day it is today).  That is the nature of a Dementia with Lewy Bodies.  Parkinson’s Disease Dementia is such a dementia.  Unlike the general pattern of steady decline associated with Alzheimer’s Dementia, LBD changes for the better or for the worse very quickly.  Someone with LBD can be very lucid one minute and completely confused the next — then moments later return to lucidity.  That characteristic often causes friends and family who do not interact with the person with LBD on a daily basis to be fooled about how serious the disease is.  Those with LBD are notorious for moving into what we (Caregivers) call “showtime” when family or friends or strangers are present, creating the illusion that they have not problem at all. 

Again, it just surprises me to see how much impact one restless night can have.  She really has seemed to be very lucid the last few days, at least most of the time.  I guess I should read the last few days’ posts to be sure about that.  I forget so quickly from one day to the next how things have gone.  It is like trying to remember what you had for lunch two days ago.  Sometimes the routine things just don’t make enough of an impression to find their way into the memory bank, at least into the branch from which subsequent withdrawals can be made with ease. 

She has been in bed for about three hours now and has been restless most of the time.  The thought just crossed my mind that some of the restlessness may come from concern for our Daughter, who is having surgery tomorrow.  It is a surgery that is considered outpatient but will include one night of monitoring her during the first hours after the surgery.  Mary Ann may not be able to identify the true source of her inability to settle.

For the moment, all I can do is hope that she (and I) sleep better tonight than last night. 

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