Mary Ann had a pretty good day today.  Zandra, the Bath Aide, gave her a shower,  washed her hair and got her dressed.  Zandra comes on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  She had had a decent breakfast, needing only a little help.  She napped for the rest of the morning.

She ate at normal lunch, half sandwich, chips, Pepsi and a cookie before we left for her Dermatologist appointment.  All was well there.  she was able to communicate pretty well.  We were in the territory of G’s Frozen Custard, so there needed to be a break for a treat.  With some difficulty, she managed to eat the ice cream without help.  I always order hers in then next larger cup, double cupped to make the eating easier.  The larger cup provides more space to get the ice cream (or whatever) on the spoon before it slides over the edge.  Since her hands are stiff, her fingers hard to control and her hand muscles strong from the dyskinetic movements, her fingers could pop through one layer of Styrofoam cup (learned from experience), I always ask that it be double cupped.  Any thing served in thin clear plastic cups needs to be double cupped also.  Otherwise her hand squeezes it too hard, sending the liquid over the lip and on to her clothes or the floor.  A little anticipation can help lessen the likelihood of messy problems.

After a couple of errands, we headed home.  Mary Ann ate a good supper.  A Volunteer stayed with her while I did some emailing,  Actually, I dozed a bit in the office chair at the computer.  The nights have been a little short and the mornings a little early lately.

She is in bed now and seems for the moment to be resting.  I see some movement, but, hopefully, she will fall asleep soon and have a good night.  That would be good for both of us.  By the way, the night before last, as she was getting into bed, she said that she was glad the raccoons had left.  She was referring, of course, to the ones she has been seeing in her bed in the past.  I certainly hope the hallucinations remain at bay for a while.

It continues to be encouraging to see small improvements after all the losses incurred during the hospital stay.

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