The night went pretty well in spite of the fact that Mary Ann had long naps, and ended up getting up from the last one only long enough to change for bed and have a snack container of applesauce.

While having no supper last night has a lot to do with it, her appetite was good this morning.  She got up exceedingly early again (at least it seems so to me).  She ate a good breakfast at about 7am.  Then at about 9:30am, she asked for a sandwich.  She ate what she normally eats for lunch, half of a pretty good sized sandwich, lots of chips, Pepsi and Mary’s Jello dish (Cool Whip, lime Jello and cottage cheese) for dessert.

She has been down for a nap since about 10:30am.  It is 12:30pm now.  Actually, I was glad for the nap.  She had been in pop up mode for the morning.  When she is in pop up mode I am reluctant to head in and take a shower, expecting her to get up and fall.  She had at least one fainting spell this morning.

She got up shortly after 12:30pm.  Not too long thereafter we headed out to do some shopping for grandchildren’s birthday presents.  Mary Ann surprised me by being willing to go into Barnes and Noble and then Walmart to shop.  She had declined doing so yesterday.

We followed the shopping with a visit to Perkin’s.  I have been planning this trip as soon as she seemed to be ready to tackle eating in public.  I purposely planned to start with this spot, since she always orders the Buttermilk Three pancakes from the Senior menu, along with a half order of bacon.  I spread the butter, cut the pancakes into bite-sized pieces and add the syrup.  She can handle the bacon with her fingers.  She managed to eat about half the pancakes and all the bacon.  She was not willing to let me help her with the rest of the pancakes.  She was really struggling to manage the process of getting the pieces into her mouth.

This was her third meal today!  I am encouraged by that.  Through mention of it in passing in an online post, I was reminded that Exelon (she wears a 24hr patch) can in some cases cause anorexia.  Another side effect (among many) can be diarrhea.  That reminder caused me to pause a moment with the possibility that some of what Mary Ann is experiencing might have to do with the Exelon.  She has been taking it for over a year now if I am remembering correctly.  I suppose the food, sleep issues and meds at the hospital might have affected the way she metabolizes the Exelon, triggering a change is how she reacts to it.

At the moment, I am still giving plenty of time for her to return to the pre-hospital level of functionality.  I don’t want to make (or recommend) significant changes in treatment until it is clear that her symptom changes are here to stay.

Mary Ann had a snack of Tapioca pudding and went to bed at about 6:30pm.  I am hoping that she was up long enough today to allow her to sleep well tonight. Since there is not always a correlation between the amount of sleep during the day and the quality of sleep at night, we will just have to wait and see.

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