She is cute as ever!  We were dressed to the 9’s (whatever that means) for the church’s new directory pictures.  My contribution was to wash Mary Ann’s hair: the rest is in her genes. That combined with her ability to stop eating when she is full, has kept her slender and very nice looking.  As is apparent in the picture, I married up. 

I, however, have combined genes (Dad) and a seemingly uncontrollable appetite (Mom) to produce enough stored energy to last many weeks were I to end up on a desert island with no food.  It has, of course, gathered in the worst place for increasing the likelihood of numbers of diseases of the aging.  What is in my favor is a family history that for the most part does not include Cancer, Heart Disease or other life threatening diseases.  Most everyone in my immediate family has died of old age, or is still living.

That family history does not impress my Cardiologist.  Nor does it help me tie my shoes, or avoid the endless shrinking of clothing in my closet.  My shoes still fit!

On the spur of the moment, I went to a local Physical Therapy Center for a free consultation introducing a weight control program including both dietary counseling and an exercise program.  I liked everything about it (except the diet and exercise parts).  There was even the possibility of something that might benefit Mary Ann while I was doing the exercise program at the facility.  Then came the “other shoe” as they say.  The numbers took my breath away.

I need to stay healthy since I am not the only one who depends on my health and well being.  My health is more important than having a bunch of money in the bank.  One problem is that the bunch we have is of a size that a great deal of care needs to be taken when spending it.

There is a simile that I find very useful and use often.  Some things are like putting out a match with a fire hose.  I am not sure the amount I need to lose is worth that much money.  I would be right in the middle of normal on the weight chart if I were only six inches taller.

The truth is, the chart I am looking at puts me just past the line between overweight and obese — just barely, but obese.  Charts vary, and in some I am not categorized quite so harshly.  Nonetheless, clearly there is need for better habits and a lowered risk of problems emerging.

One of Mary Ann’s Volunteers has access to lots of health information, and has found a book that offers one approach to developing healthier habits.  She brought the book over early this evening.  The Cardiologist’s nurse had given me a copy of my blood work with the instruction to double the cholesterol lowering medication I am taking, Today, I received another copy in the mail, this time from our GP who got the same blood work report.  Today’s copy included a handwritten note, “LDL is too hight, needs to be around 100; work with exercise and diet.”  Of course in the last couple of weeks more studies have been published suggesting that belly fat increases the likelihood of getting Cancer, Heart Disease, Dementia, and Type II Diabetes.

A contributing factor to all of the above diseases is serving as a Caregiver.  The statistics are not good for those of us in a Caregiving role.  There are some things that cannot be changed.  I suppose common sense suggests working on changing those things that can affected by the choices made.

All of this comes after receiving the cooler from Omaha Steaks yesterday (a great sale), and enjoying the buy one, get one free Blizzard at Dairy Queen this afternoon (it was the annual anniversary gift for signing up online to join the Blizzard Club).

Rest assured, if there is any change in diet resulting from all this, or any exercise added into my daily activities, there will be whining in posts yet to be written.  Consider this fair warning! 

By the way, it feels good to have our Christmas shopping done for our children.  They will receive fresh new pictures of their parents to replace the old ones in the shrine.  We are so thoughtful.

It appears that tonight will be another tough one.  The raccoons are back in the bedroom.  Mary Ann wants me to call Animal Control.  I hope she can settle soon.  We will see what the night brings.

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