Apparently I have miscounted!  It is not only Gus, Belle and the Twins who have been feeding at the wildlife sanctuary that serves also as our back deck.  They eat the food I put out for the birds.  When the fourth one was in the trap two nights ago, I saw another one coming over to commiserate.  Apparently, the twins have an older sibling, uncle, aunt or cousin. 

Yesterday morning, number five was rummaging around in the trap.   I noticed that he had a darker coat of fur than the others.  He seemed a little bigger and somewhat more active.  Tim reported that it appeared to be a very aggressive male.  He had managed to pull the sheet metal holding the handle down into the trap.  He growled at Tim all the while he was handling the trape.  The others had not done so.  We are guessing that it might very well have been Gus. 

I put the trap back out last night, in case there are more.  No one showed.  It is out there again tonight.  My hope is that the entire family is now reunited in the lush corn field to which they have been relocated.   This adventure has been a bit of a distraction for this Caregiver.   I have used the nighttime trips to the commode as Raccoon check time.  Somehow it helps make the usually frustrating nights a little more bearable. 

Just an update on the sleepless nights:  Last night Mary Ann slept like a rock.  She was sound asleep until I talked with her a few minutes before the Bath Aide arrived around 8:45am.  She does seem a bit restless yet tonight, but I am hoping sleep will come soon.  I was up early to prepare for the Spiritual Formation Group that meets at our home at 7:30am.  Tomorrow morning would allow an extra hour or so of sleep.  My hope is that tonight will allow some catching up.  At the moment it is only a hope. 

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